2 x 250g rump steak for free! Buy a Nesmuk knife and get a voucher code.

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Distinctive pleasure

Nesmuk Steakmesser sind echte Geschmacksverstärker.
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Cutting becomes a sensual experience with Nesmuk. With the selection of innovative blade steels and fine handle materials, perfect workmanship and the requirement for intuitive handling, Nesmuk knives attempt the classic symbiosis of form and function. The unique selling point is their sharpness. Technological innovations are absolutely not an end in themselves with Nesmuk knives, as this is the only way to create timeless functionality.

Forging process of damascus knives

Nesmuk Manufaktory


Genussloft by Nesmuk

Cook together with the best cooks in Germany and enjoy a top-class menu.




The sale of Nesmuk knives is exclusively reserved for official Nesmuk dealers. With a great level of competence, expertise and a good selection they will help you to find the knife that suits you best.