JANUS Chef's Knife Black Ebony

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Limited Edition 100 - 2016

Exclusively for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Nesmuk manufactures the JANUS chef's knife with a black ebony handle - one of the most valuable woods ever.

Only 100 individually numbered copies of this knife have been produced and it is available exclusively in the FAZ Selection Shop.


The blade made of unique niobium steel guarantees extreme sharpness as well as increased service life and durability. The extremely hard DLC coating (diamond-like carbon) is characterized by low coefficients of friction and enormous scratch resistance.

Special Wood

Ebony in flawless blackness is considered the best and rarest quality. The wood is very hard and thanks to its fine structure it can be polished to a fine shine - a perfect harmony of black blade and handle and perhaps the most elegant variation of the Nesmuk JANUS chef's knife.

Care and Perfection

Each knife is manufactured with the utmost care and precision and tested several times during the elaborate manufacturing process before it leaves the factory. The individual edition number is engraved on the clamp and every knife comes with a certificate of authenticity and limitation.