Limited Edition Ram Horn

Together with our partner we have developed a very special line that is only available in a limited number. Only 50 knives are available. The handle material, ram's horn (Latin: ovis aries), is unique. It comes from Senegal. There the horn is first cut and then heated to stabilize it and get a plate out of the curve. In our Solingen manufactory, we refine the horn plate into a knife handle that is second to none. Another special feature: the gourmet meat bull's head is elegantly incorporated on the bezel.

Purism in its most elegant form

In the selection of blade steel and handle materials, the perfection of the craftsmanship and the premise of intuitive handling, the Nesmuk steak and table knife is characterized by a symbiosis of form and function. Each knife is completely ground individually and lies comfortably and securely in the hand without any annoying edges or gaps.

Extreme sharpness with an enormous service life

The linear geometry requires a clean cut without sawing and tearing - for extreme sharpness, Nesmuk relies on a new type of stainless steel: The unique alloy is refined with a small proportion of pure nitrogen (0.1%), which makes the steel extremely resistant and hard. In this way, the classic Nesmuk sharpness is combined with an enormous service life that cannot be achieved with conventional types of stainless steel.

Unique coating technology

The steak and table knife from the JANUS series is refined with a black DLC coating, which additionally optimizes the functional properties of the blade. The amorphous carbon layer is extremely hard, scratch-resistant, improves the gliding properties and protects the blade - and last but not least creates the unique aesthetics of the black blade.