Nesmuk JANUS

The Nesmuk JANUS combines the longstanding experience of Nesmuk in modern materials and assembly methods. The unique characteristic of the JANUS line is the high-class DLC-coating (Diamond-like Carbon). This coating method was invented for highest standards and is used in medicine, spaceflight and racecar motors. The unique Nesmuk steel contains the rare element niobium – resulting in extreme sharpness and a higher lifetime and edge retention.


nge originates from Africa, it is a very eye-catching and durable wood with an unmistakable structure and color: The heartwood ranges from coffee brown to nearly black with striking bicolor structures. The wood is very heavy (1.000 kg/m³) and very resistant. With the large and decorative pores, wenge has been a classic for decades when it comes to furniture and veneer and is used for sophisticated inlays. Nesmuk exclusively uses hand-picked pieces of outstanding quality, each grip is polished by hand.

Care and perfection

Each knife is made with care and precision and checked multiple times during manufacturing before it leaves the factory. The individual edition number is engraved on the ferrule and every knife is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. There are only 100 of these knives made, which are exclusively distributed by our retailers – here you find a list of all official Nesmuk retailers in the world.