Classic firecracker and basket-weave Damascus

In 2015 Nesmuk presented the EXCLUSIVE folder for the first time as a limited special edition for collectors. Once again, an unprecedented Damascus has been created for this - more elaborate than ever before: Classic firecracker and basket-weave Damascus, united as steel packages arranged in the Carré, once again fire-welded, torched and finally forged. 100 % handmade by the Nesmuk smithy. This is a lengthy and complicated process, which also posed a particular challenge for the types of steel used: For the extraordinary Damascus finishes, white-glossy tungsten steels were chosen, among others. Tungsten is the metal with the highest melting point, which makes fire welding by hand the supreme discipline of forging.

Unique handle material

DThese distinctive blades are held in place by hawkeye handles - a rare quartz stone found mainly in South Africa and Australia. The special feature of this quartz is that it only forms microscopically small crystals which grow in parallel layers and build up in layers. This is how the extraordinary colours of the stone are created, changing between deep dark blue, grey and green, as well as the unmistakable chatoyance - the silky shine, also known as the cat's eye effect. Only 10 individually numbered copies of this unique folder were produced. Available here: Hans Nahr GmbH Rosental 16 80331 München