Masterwork of the best Damascene and goldsmiths

Unmistakable aesthetics and maximum precision: the elaborately hand-forged Damascus blade of the Nesmuk EXKLUSIV Folder 66 layers consists of two types of steel, the twisting of which creates the blade's unique pattern (torsion Damascus). For the fine pattern, Nesmuk manufactures the folder blades from 66 layers of damask. The construction of the exclusive folder requires absolute precision and is carried out at Nesmuk exclusively by trained goldsmiths who have the necessary sensitivity for handling the precious materials.

Experience and passion

The elegant pattern of the Damascus steel is created by the torsion process, which is as time-consuming as it is powerful. It requires all the experience and passion of a master blacksmith to create an even and aesthetic pattern - like a fingerprint, the unique damask pattern makes each knife unmistakably unique.

Perfection down to the last detail

The unique design does not allow any tolerances and the fit of all individual parts must be accurate to a hundredth of a millimeter. For the EXKLUSIV Folder, not only the blade but also the spring is made of hand-forged Damascus steel. The individual pattern testifies to the uniqueness of each individual EXKLUSIV folder.

Hand flatterer

The ingenious construction is hidden inside: without gaps and externally visible rivets and screws, the Nesmuk Folder cannot be compared to conventional folding knives.

No gap disturbs the eye, no edge disturbs the hand: With perfect craftsmanship, the individual parts are precisely matched to one hundredth of a millimeter. Sterling silver and genuine gemstones are used as standard on the Nesmuk folders. The processing of lapis lazuli and other gemstones requires the highest level of craftsmanship and goes beyond the skills of normal goldsmiths. For the perfect hand flatterer, each folder is then completely ground and polished by hand or the silver is finally finished by hand with precise hammer blows.

Safe Handling

Constructed as a classic slipjoint, the 85 mm long knife blade is positioned and held by a back spring. This acts on the blade with a force of 6 Newtons. For safety, the blade stops at 90 degrees when opening and closing.