Nesmuk leaves fashion trends to others. Every Nesmuk knife stands for itself as the end point of a conceptual and technical evolution.
The goal: maximum benefit for the owner, user, chef, user. The terms are interchangeable. Not the knife.

chef's knife 180
The all-rounder with which you can do around 80% of all cutting tasks. Indispensable and versatile as a "basic knife" in every kitchen.
Blade length: 180 mm

Chef's knife 140
The universal all-round chef's knife with a shorter blade.
Ideal for cutting or dicing vegetables.
Blade length: 140mm

Slicer 260
Precise work thanks to the long, thin and flexible blade. This allows large fish to be filleted perfectly and ham to be cut very finely.
Blade length: 260 mm

Slicer 160
For all fine work, such as paring meat,
filleting fish or filleting vegetables and fruit.
Blade length: 160mm

Bread knife 270
Large bread knife with a new serrated edge. No tearing, no fatigue, protects the cutting base. Blade length: 270 mm

Office knife 90
The short blade is perfect for peeling and cleaning
fruit and vegetables. Blade length: 90 mm

Steak knife
Thanks to the straight blade geometry, the enormous sharpness of the cutting edge of this steak knife is retained for a particularly long time - even on porcelain Blade length: 115 mm

The perfect accessory for gourmets who value stylish cutting of food when they are away from home. Blade length: 89 mm